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P3 CyberFraud project

(P3 = PPP = Private Public Partnership)

P3 CyberFraud Project is funded by the EU Commission Internal Security Fund (ISFP-2017-AG-CYBER) for proposal 820899.

The project's aim is to take a giant leap forward in Private-Public-Partnership (= P3) in EU against financial fraud and cybercrime. Cybercrime and online fraud is rising in EU countries. The cross-border nature of cybercrime requires new approaches of private companies and the Law Enforcement (LE) to find new ways to prevent and to investigate the phenomenon.


The project is an initiative to foster LE and private sector (PS) partnership in Europe by organising joint trainings and webinars for LE and PS fraud prevention professionals. Within the project framework there is, additionally, possibility to organise working groups or secondment program against specific problems. These will enable LE officers to liaise with relevant stakeholders of the private sector.

Project started 1.1.2019 and will continue until June 2021. With the planned activities, the project aims to bring together over 200 LE from all EU Member States to more than 200 private sector cybercrime and fraud specialists. 


Coordinators of the P3 project are

  • European Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigators (ECCFI);

  • Bundesministerium Für Inneres Austria (BMI AT) and

  • Merchant Risk Council EU (MRC EU)

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This project is funded by the European Union Internal Security Fund - Police. 

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