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Other P3 activities

The ambitious goal of P3 CyberFraud project is to make our common continent safer! In addition to continous training activities, there are other ways how P3 CyberFraud project builds the private-public-partnership in Europe. That partnership is needed to prevent fraud from happening.


Below is a short description of other P3 activities. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions!

P3 Secondment Program


The objective of Secondment program is to build understanding, knowledge and practical cooperation among Law Enforcement (LE) and fraud managers/specialists in online e-merchants or financial sector. This will be achieved by sending LE officers to work with a private sector company on a specific case for maximum one week. 

2019 - 2020 at any time

  • Law Enforcement Officers fully funded to work with a private company

  • short project

  • Send your suggestion via the "contact us" form

P3 Regional Working Groups

The purpose of regional working group is to organise LE and private sector companies together to fight fraud and cybercrime. As an example, this can be one day meeting to discuss a modus operandi

2019 - 2020 at any time (propose)

  • Law Enforcement Officers and private sector working groups

  • host company required

  • Send your suggestion via the "contact us" -form

P3 CyberFraud Webinars


Webinars are used to build knowledge on on new emerging payment and analytical software and on different modus operandi. Webinars are, additionally, used to share experiences and to learn from other webinar attendees. 

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