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Previous P3 events

P3 CyberFraud Training 4

Location: Virtual

Time: April 19-22, 2021


  • On average 88 participants attending each presentation

  • Participants from 26 different countries

  • Expert speakers from different countries and different sectors

  • Hands-on team building exercise


  • On a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being highest), participants evaluated 

    • the usefulness of the training 4.2

    • the content of the training 4.4

    • Their own satisfaction of the training 4.7

  • Open comments:

    • The setup and platforms were easy to use. I like the whole concept of these training, and I believe it is very important that we "educate" each other for a more wholesome teamwork.It is very important that you have a good overview of all the different parts of organisations and workways within the industry/area.

    • A good cross cultural experience. Happy to meet people.

    • All of the given presentations and the discussion will help our work and follow-up contacting the speakers is planned. Good job!

    • The challenges are the same everywhere. How to ensure safe digital services?

P3 CyberFraud Training 3

Location: Virtual

Time: November 24-26, 2020


  • On average 70 participants calling in to each presentation

  • Invitations sent to 31 different countries

  • Expert speakers 


  • On a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being highest), participants evaluated the usefulness of the training when thinking about their work to 4.2

  • Open comments:

    • Good connections, well organised, excellent speakers. Lively discussions. Was lovely to see familiar and happy faces. Most often the participants elsewhere are not allowed have videos on in order to keep the seminars/meetings going. Uplifting experience:) Many thanks

    • The presentations were all very relevant

    • Organisation was excellent - good range of speakers and great attendance. Overall a very good seminar. Well done and thank you to all involved.

P3 CyberFraud Training 2

Location: Helsinki

Time: November 05-07, 2019

Venue: Hilton Strand and Finlandia Hall


  • Altogether 75 registered participants

  • Participants from 23 different countries

  • Expert speakers 

  • Hands on exercises


  • On a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being highest), participants evaluated content of three training days with a score of 4.4

  • Open comments:

    • "Good setup of presentations and networking"

    • "Excellent agenda and training course, very interesting and useful for my work "

    • "It was a great training and a great opportunity to meet people from a lot of European countries"

    • "Looking forward to training 3"

P3 CyberFraud training 1

Location: Vienna

Time: MAY 07-10, 2019. 

Venue: Fleming's Conference Hotel, Vienna


  • Altogether 71 registered participants

  • Participants from 24 different countries

  • Experts from private and public sector presenting both theory and cases all related to cyber crime and fraud


  • On a scale 1 (poor) - 5 (excellent), participants evaluated the training to 4.4

P3 MRC Law Enforcement Session 1

May 13-15 2019, London​

  • four LE participants, fully funded

P3 MRC Law Enforcement Session 2

September 23 2019, Madrid​

  • eight LE participants, fully funded

These activities are funded by the Internal Security Fund - Police of the European Union.

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The P3 CyberFraud project is funded by the European Union Internal Security Fund - Police.

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