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Upcoming P3 events

P3 CyberFraud project has an ambitious goal: to make our common continent safer. In order to reach that, P3 CyberFraud project aims to create a common platform for all fraud prevention professionals to meet and to discuss. 

We want to foster private-public-partnership (= P3) in a very practical level. We want to create opportunities for investigators and analysts from both sectors to sit around the same table and to learn from each other.

There is a clear project plan for years 2019 and 2020. During these two years there a "P3 Training" is organised every six months. In addition, LE participants are funded to participate MRC LE sessions.

Below you can find information of events still to come.


There are other activities related to P3 CyberFraud project, as well. Follow this link to learn more.

Follow this link to learn about previous events.

P3 CyberFraud training sessions

The aims of P3 Training sessions are to enable LE and Private Sector to meet face to face, exhange ideas and knowledge and to build relationships. These will lower the threshold of contacting when in need of advice. P3 CyberFraud project funds will be used to cover LE participants' flights, accommodation and their

MRC LE sessions

​The aim of of this activity is to create understanding and practical cooperation among LE and fraud managers working for large online e-merchants.  Project funds will be used to cover LE participants' flights and accommodation.

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