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Benefits of ECCFI membership

1. For Law Enforcement officers: funded training seminars organized yearly.

  • Dependent of ECCFI funding, the Law Enforcement members are offered the possibility to participate to Payment and Cyber Security Training free of charge; flights, hotel accommodation, DSA and conference fees paid by ECCFI.

    • This is subject to both funding regulations of the possible sources of ECCFI funds and the selection process of eligible candidates according to ECCFI rules.

  • Building your network to private sector (banks, merchants)

  • Access to Members' forum

2. For Private Sector Person members: 

  • Very low conference fee for yearly Payment and  Cyber Security Trainings

  • Building your network to Law Enforcemebt officers in different European countries

  • Access to Members Forum.

3. For an Associate Partner without funding:

  • Access to Members Forum and cooperation network,

  • Possibility to join Working Groups.

4. For a Sponsor:

  • Communication about upcoming events, 

  • Access to membership discussion on Members Forum,

  • Possibility to join Working Groups and

  • Other possible benefits determined in the formal contract.

This is an overview of ECCFI rules without legal binding.

Full official rules apply. Those are available by contacting the ECCFI Board through the contact form.

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Platinum Sponsor

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Gold sponsor

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