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Why should you join ECCFI?

What can ECCFI do for you?


Key to success is public - private - parnership. That is what ECCFI is all about!

We bring together private sector and public sector. We do this by creating a common platform for law enforcement and private sector investigators to be able to meet, network, learn, share ideas and create joint projects against fraud. It all happens in a practical level!

Who should join?

You are in the right place if you are committed to: 

  • safer European payments future and

  • working together


You can be working in the public sector or in the private sector. Just as long as your daily job has to do with fraud or cyber crime detection, prevention or investigation.


The hooded guys on the other side of the fence share their knowledge with their trusted partners. We, organisations and individuals working on preventing and detecting their work, must do the same.


We must be able to

  • sit down with each other and share what we know;

  • call our colleagues in other organisations and

  • reach out to our trusted partners across sectors.


To succeed in our work,  the network must cross boundaries between private sector and public sector.


What is ECCFI?


We are a growing association with members from both the private sector and public sector. All of our members are working in the field of fraud and/or cyber crime detection and prevention. By becoming a member you have access to like-minded colleagues all around Europe. You can join simply by filling in the membership application form.


We’re all in this together: making European payment landscape safer!

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