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Who should join CCFI

If you want to enhance cooperation of Law Enforcement and the private sector in Europe, ECCFI is for you.

There are several types of membership for both individuals and legal entities:


1. Law Enforcement person member

  • Eligible persons: Law Enforcement officers who investigate cyber crime, financial crime or fraud, or are influencers or intelligence work professionals in their professional life.

  • Membership selection is made by the ECCFI board.

2. Private sector security professional person member

  • Eligible persons: Persons working for a private company and their expertize and duties are to enhance payments and cyber security and/or to reduce fraud and financial losses.

  • Membership fee for the private sector members is fifty euros per year.

  • Membership selection is made by the ECCFI board.

3. A support person member.

  • A person wishing to support ECCFI aims and objectives with financial support without expectation of any specific benefit.

  • Membership selection is made by the ECCFI board.


Legal entities:

1. Associate partner without funding

  • A non-profit or for-profit organization or company that supports the aims and objectives of ECCFI.

  • No funding for ECCFI given but resource and goal commitment promised.

  • A formal association contract will be undersigned by the Associate Partner and ECCFI.

2. A Sponsor

  • A non-profit or for-profit association, agency, company or consortium giving funding to ECCFI without no specific expectation.

  • A formal contract will be undersigned by the Funding Partner and ECCFI.

  • Read more on sponsorship from here.

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