What is ECCFI?

ECCFI stands for European Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigators.  As the name suggests, we aim to bring together all experts working with fraud and cybercrime investigation or detection.  We welcome Law Enforcement and private sector specialists - ECCFI is about collaboration and partnerships.

We bring together police forces and private sector knowledge in Europe to make our common continent safer. We do this by bringing people together either in real life or online. We create opportunities for you to build your network of trusted partners.

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Why should you join?

If you are committed to a safer European payments future and enthusiastic on collaboration, you are in the right place!


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What is P3 CyberFraud?

P3 CyberFraud is a project funded by EU Commission Internal Security Fund. P3 stands for private - public - partnership. The project's aim is to build bridges between Law Enforcement and the private sector specialists all working towards the common goal.

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EU funded P3 CyberFraud Project
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